Adult Individual Clients

My seat


Working with adults individually is incredibly valuable. You are giving yourself the gift of  time each week to take stock, look deeper and grow.  Understanding and processing past traumas and grief while working to manage symptoms today and planning for the future that you want to make a reality.  Using  therapy to meet your goals whatever they may be, I strive to create the  non-judgmental therapeutic environment inclusive of individual and cultural identities. I sit in a psychodynamic theoretical framework but utilize many tools from other modalities including creative arts therapists, CBT, DBT, narrative therapy all through a social justice lens. 

Your seat


Choosing a therapist can be an interesting and overwhelming process. Hopefully you quickly find someone you connect with. In my experience, feeling at ease with someone may be the most important indicator. You are looking to feel understood, to feel that the therapist is knowledgable and tracking your issues, moods and needs. You deserve to be welcomed to each session with compassion, curiosity and creativity. Finding each therapy session  is thought prevoking, you feel encouraged and inspired, more confident as each week passes.