music therapy

Music therapy is the strategic use of music for a non-musical goal. 

Our goal is not to gain musical skill,  but to use music to access the whole self and support healing. 

How I work with music


Music and the Brain

Music accesses both hemispheres of the brain and can help restore function. Music helps the brain organize the body physically and emotionally. Music is a powerful tool of neuroplasticity. 


Improvisation and Creativity

Listening to music and using instruments, voice, art supplies or movement in therapy can be a powerful (and fun) tool to process emotions and access insights. 


Specialty in Psychotherapy for Musicians

The focus of my dissertation, "Coltrane on the couch: What music therapy can teach psychoanalysis" concerns the value of our musical lives. This is of utmost importance for musicians, professional or otherwise. I am uniquely trained to bring your musical self into  therapy in multiple ways. 


Music therapy profession

Music therapy can only be practiced by board certified music therapists who are trained to use music-based interventions in a culturally attuned, therapeutic and empirically validated way.